Autumn at the Garden Feeders.

During the last few weeks, as autumn has settled upon the Northern Pennines, I have seen a change in the tit species visiting the garden feeders. The predominant species now is the Coal Tit with only an occasional Blue or Great Tit. This is not surprising when you consider the Coal Tits preference for conifers and the fact that in this garden the trees are predominantly conifers. The Coal Tit moves very little during the seasons and so here I am, in November,feeding them with black sunflower seeds.
There are always occasional visits by other species like Nuthatch and Great Spotted Woodpecker but on the whole Chaffinch, and another ‘stay at home’ Greenfinch, together with the “Spuggies” and Coal Tits are the main regular visitors to the garden feeders at this time of year. It is good to watch them on the cameras as they go about their daily business of just staying alive as well as looking out for the more unusual winter visitors they do pop up from time to time.