‘Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness’

Autumn has replaced our forgetable summer but the birds continue to turn up at the garden feeders. Lots of siskin on the niger seeds together with a few goldfinch. Although redpolls were plentiful in the Spring there are no signs yet of Autumn visitors. No matter what time of year the red squirrels turn up every day at their feeder, together with the jackdaws. Very few wild raspberries and blackberries this year in the garden.

Because of the mallard activity on the pond I had thought, in the Spring,  to pump out the pond and replace the water, I used an industrial sludge pump but the inlet was soon clogged by leaves etc. so I never achieved the crystal clear pond I had envisaged.

I was given six new chickens, a welcome addition to any garden. They have even survived a terrier attack, although one of them is a bit ‘under the weather’ at the moment.

The contractors have now left the ‘toy town’ railway site in the village¬† but others continue to ‘hammer and bang’ at the lines already laid. I imagine that their activities will go on ad infinitum.