Early Summer

After two months with very little rain the garden pond has been reduced to a custardy sludge. I will take this opportunity to clean it out, refill and activate the new filter system. I hope this will help, in the future, to keep it clean despite the numerous mallard which visit. There have been a number of mallard families in the garden this spring, taking advantage of the free corn.

Four tawny owls were raised this year in the box, the last one left a few days ago. I hear the mother gently calling during the day. Great tits are presently raising a family of five in the ivy box and the spotted flycatchers arrived a couple of days ago to examine their old nest site.

Of course the noise and havoc caused by the activities of the toy town railway contractors continues. From a December completion it moved to March then to May and it is currently July and as we approach July it will change to September! During the Spring of 2016 I heard the usual warblers from my garden – willow, chiffchaff, garden and blackcap but not this year since the destruction of the nearby trees and shrubs on the old track they have disappeared. As a nation we bemoan the demise of our wildlife but at the same time we allow these obscene projects to proceed as though the two were not connected.