Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty North Pennines (AONB)

If you have followed my blog you would know approximately where I live – in an AONB in the north Pennines. Lucky for him you might say when the blurb about these areas says such things as;

“The primary purpose of the AONB designation is to conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the landscape, with two secondary aims: meeting the need for quiet enjoyment of the countryside and having regard for the interests of those who live and work there.”

“The Government has recently in the National Planning Policy Framework (March 2012) stated that AONBs and national parks have equal status when it comes to planning decisions on landscape issues.”

and yet an amateur railway club, using a 200 year old Act of Parliament , and with the help of 4-5 million pounds from the lottery fund – yes you read that correctly, are creating havoc with the landscape and wildlife in our area. Since the middle of May last year trees have been hacked down, undergrowth cleared and an old railway track which was once a wildlife corridor has been turned into a wildlife desert.

The tawny owls which used my nest box year on year have disappeared. A barn owl which used to quarter my garden and the adjoining fields has also disappeared. If this can happen in a AONB God knows what can take place in other areas.


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