July and August

The local mallard continue to hang around the garden attracted by the corn I provide. The spotted flycatchers never returned to the nest site. During July redpoll and siskin were regular visitors to the Niger feeders however during August their numbers declined and now only the odd siskin pays a visit. To compensate there are still plenty of chaffinches, sparrows and tits to empty the seed feeders every day. A nuthatch drops in now and again but I can not recall seeing the GS woodpecker for quite a while now.

For a few months I experimented with streaming the red squirrel feeder to YouTube and picking up a link for the website. This allowed me to make two live streams available to watch. However, last month, Google/YouTube decided, unilaterally, that unless I went through a ridiculously complicated procedure I could no longer link to my website. So I in turn, unilaterally, closed my account.

Work on the track for the ‘toy town railway’ goes on, as it has from the middle of May. The noise and disturbance it creates can at times be quite overwhelming. Only time will tell what the effects of the destruction of the scrub trees and undergrowth along two miles of the old track will have on our rather limited wildlife! In this case the National Lottery can be proud, they have been instrumental in destroying more than forty years of what was a natural recovery of the land in favour of plants and animals along the old railway.

A few days of warmer weather, together with the flowering of buddleia and sedum has brought in the butterflies. Where they have been, up until now, I do not know. Over the past eighteen years, I cannot recall a poorer year than this for butterflies or should I say the lack of them. A few cabbage white were all I had seen in the garden this summer until the past week.