Birds are nesting and plants are growing – at last.

It has been a cold and wet April which seems to have delayed occupation of the nest boxes in the garden. Jackdaws were, as usual, the first to begin with one pair in the red squirrel box having six eggs and later another couple occupied the tawny owl box with three eggs todate. Only one of the smaller boxes has been occupied, by a bluetit who has spent over a month preparing the nest. She visits every day and tinkers with the nest but as yet she has laid no eggs. Because of the time she has taken to build it this must be one of the most luxurious nests in the area. A bumble bee tried to take up occupation this morning but was soon evicted by the indignant owner.

bluetit nest 2016

There are young blackbirds in the yard and two families of mallard in the garden. Both are now down to five ducklings each having first appeared with nine and twelve respectively.

At last some of my plants are beginning to grow. Around the small pond the angelica is on the move. Apart from being structural it produces those lovely heads of tiny green flowers which attract hoverflies and bees in the summer. Nearby another structural plant is waking up; Gunnera ‘giant rhubarb’ which is a native of South America. In no time at all the small pond will disappear behind greenery.

small pond (Medium)