Activity during the past month.


Visitors to the feeders have include siskin, see above left, goldfinch, above right, chaffinch, greenfinch, dunnock, nuthatch, starling, blackbird and of course jackdaw. I have seen an odd fieldfare in the garden as well as a couple of moorhen who are becoming regulars at the pond. There are still about a dozen or so mallard about everyday – nothing like the 50 or so I was getting earlier this year. No doubt most are now seeking nest sites in the surrounding countryside. Even the house has had it’s share of visitors with three field mice caught in a live trap during one night. I released them into a great heap of brashings which I keep at the bottom of the garden for the wildlife.

The nest boxes are now getting regular visits from the tit family and from a nuthatch. I even spotted a starling with its head in one of the boxes they have alreading filled a artificial swallows nest with material, see below. I have it under the eaves of the house and in each of the last two years a family of spotted flycatchers has been raised there.


The curlews are returning to the hills but I have yet to hear or see any lapwing display. There is no frogspawn in the upper pond yet, maybe because of the ducks.