About nature in my garden and in the local countryside.

        This is an upland area situated within the northern limits of the Pennines. The hills on either site of the South Tyne Valley rise to about 500m ( around 1700ft) so the animal and plant species are those you would expect in such an area. Bird specialities  include black grouse and hen harrier. Among the mammals there are red squirrels, otters and polecats. However it is with the every day species which appear on the cameras situated around the garden  that I am mainly concerned.

        The garden is surrounded by mature trees; mainly conifers, birch and scots pine. The grass is mown in parts and rough in others. There is also a largish pond usually occupied by mallard. The nest boxes, with cameras, in the garden  include four bird boxes for the smaller species, a tawny owl box, a kestrel box and a red squirrel box. Also with cameras are three bird feeding stations, as well as a red squirrel feeder and a small mammal feeder. The pond is also covered by a camera. For the insects I have planted a group of buddleia and each year I sow a number of suitable annuals. I also leave patches of bramble and nettles around the garden.